Unions across the Commonwealth are advocating for OSHA mandates in the public sector.

A bill passed by the house earlier in the session is sitting in Senate committee, waiting for action this budget week.

Right now, employees for local governments, municipalities, public schools—anyone in the public sector— are not under any OSHA regulations. Pennsylvania’s AFL-CIO president Angela Ferritto gave an example of how the lack of regulations can have an impact in the real world; saying if a PennDOT worker and private contractor were both working on a road project…

“If there was an injury, the [private contractor] worker over here would have an investigation done. They would have reporting standards that needed to be met,” said Ferritto. "The public sector worker, there would be no requirement of an investigation. There would be no reporting standard to be met.”

The Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors is one group that does not support the bill. Their director Stephen Miskin noted in a brief interview that there are safety initiatives in place for public sector workers. He described the OSHA mandate bill as a bureaucratic agency that would create costly problems to fund itself.