ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) --The Chemung County Sheriff’s Office bid farewell to one of their own on Thursday afternoon after decades of service. Lieutenant Peter Ruhmel was honored by law enforcement personnel in front of the Justice Building in the City of Elmira. 

Lt. Ruhmel kicked off his career with the Chemung County Sheriff’s Office 25 years ago as a Deputy Sheriff. He climbed the ranks to become the Lieutenant of the Criminal Investigation Division.  

This afternoon, he gave his last goodbyes to his fellow brothers on the force, as he walked out of the Sheriff’s Office for the last time.  

Lt. Ruhmel said he has mixed emotions because it is tough to leave people; he considers his second family.  

“When we needed to get the job done, everybody came together and got the job done...and the biggest thing is probably the brotherhood,” Lt. Ruhmel said. “It’s kind of unique...just the relationships you develop with individuals and that’ll probably be the biggest thing I’m going to miss...is that.”  

For other members of the force, saying goodbye was tough to do. 

“Just overall a great guy,” Undersheriff Douglas Houper said. “There’s not one person that I know that does not like him. He’s just one of those individuals that everyone just got along with.”  

Lt. Ruhmel said he plans to soak up more time with his family and loved ones. But he is not done working entirely, he has places to do some remodeling and maintenance work with a company he is familiar with to keep busy.