LIVINGSTON COUNTY, N.Y. (WENY) -- Police say a man who killed his grandfather in Irondequoit, Thursday, killed himself in Letchworth State Park after law enforcement discovered him there. This comes after a lengthy manhunt closed the New York State Park for hours after police learned that the suspect, Andrew Vahey, who was 24, was at Letchworth.

Officials say they spotted Vahey holding a long gun in a heavily wooded area of Letchworth. When he saw police approach him, he turned the gun on himself and fired. Vahey was declared dead inside the park.

At a press conference Thursday evening, police said they believe that Vahey killed his grandfather, John DePonceau, who was 80, over a parking dispute. They lived on the same road in Irondequoit, just a few houses apart from each other.

Police say they will not investigate the incident further. Letchworth State Park has since reopened for normal activity.