SOUTHPORT, N.Y. (WENY) -- There was a public hearing about the proposed senior living apartments Monday night at the regular Southport planning board meeting.  While there was not public input regarding the proposal, the planning board tabled the proposal for now.

The board said they want an engineering firm to take a closer look at it and report back.  In the proposal, these apartments would be built by Arbor Housing and Development.  The plans are for 60 units of senior apartments to be built at 105 Plymouth Ave.  Arbor Housing and Development says the IDA approached them about the need for senior housing.  They say they plan to build one bedroom apartments and town homes.

"They've seen what good work we've done already in the community providing for those who really need it the most, and it was really just a great partnership to be able to have them come to us with the need in the community and us. It fits our mission to be able to help those in the greatest need," said Danielle Kenny, from Arbor Housing and Development.

The planning board decided they wanted an engineering firm to review the apartment plans.  An outside firm will take a look, then the board will vote to approve or deny the plans.  If approved, the plans would then move to the town board for final approval.