BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (WENY)-- Severe thunderstorms on Sunday triggered a microburst, resulting in the death of a woman in Delaware County. The microburst occurred on Sunday, north of Cook Falls, near the Southeast edge of Delaware County.

''A microburst is basically when you have very strong winds aloft of the precipatation (rain and hail), that sort of gathers high up and more or less, unleashes itself like a bomb. Drops down out of the sky and the winds spread out in all directions.'' said Mike Hardiman, Meteorologist at National Weather Service in Binghamton.

A microburst can be as destructive as a tornado, but they occur differently. Wind in a tornado rotates vertically, while winds in a microburst move horizontally.

Sunday's microburst ripped through the county with 90mph winds. Numerous severe weather warnings were issued Sunday morning as a cold front pushed through the Northeast. 

When a powerful storm hits, it's recommended to seek shelter and stay away from windows and doors. However, when dealing with a campground site, it gets tricky.

''So if you are in a campground, an RV or a tent, structures that are not very strong, it is probably a good idea to seek a more substantial shelter because you are not going get a natural warning  for severe weather,'' said Mile Hardiman.

Mike said that if you are in a campground, you should be weather aware ahead of time, know what severe weather is in the forecast and have a way to get weather alerts.