ELMIRA,N.Y. (WENY)-- On June 24th. a New York State Department of Transportation vehicle was hit during a work site along I-86 in Horseheads and officials are using drivers to drive with caution when approaching a work site. Today, the Department of Transportation released footage of the accident that happened June 24th.

''Construction season is here. We are right now in the middle of it. Always, always encourage people to slow down, pay attention and move over when you are in a work zone,'' said Joe Leathersich, Public Information Officer for the New York State Transportation. 

 No one was hurt, but according to authorities, the driver was issued a ticket for unsafely changing lanes. Leathersich said that it is crucial that drivers lookout for the orange barrels, because they mean you are in a Construction Zone. 

''These workers are putting their lives on the line to maintain and take care of our roadways and infrastructure. It is really upon all of us as motors to help them out and give them the space they need,'' said Leathersich. 

In 2021, there over 800 work zone fatalities and about a third of the cases, speeding was a factor.  Road safety experts say you can save a life by staying alert, and driving slowly near construction zones.