PENNSYLVANIA (WENY) -- Pennsylvania has unveiled new license plates and welcome signs to the state in honor of America's 250th anniversary.

The license plate honors the Commonwealth's legacy as the birthplace of the United States. The new plates are set to replace the current blue and yellow striped plates.

The license plates will be ready to order in the spring of 2025. You can sign up to be one of the first to get them by clicking here.

Pennsylvania's new welcome signs have been placed in eight locations across the state already, you can see the redesign below:

 The new signs are already erected on Route 1015 in Tioga County, and a location in Potter County.

“With all eyes on Pennsylvania as we prepare to host our country’s 250th birthday in 2026, our new license plates and welcome signs will celebrate the best of what the Commonwealth has to offer and show the country why Pennsylvania is the Great American Getaway and the birthplace of American freedom," said Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro in a press release.

The state has plans to put up 29 more of the welcome signs in the next coming months.