BATH, N.Y. (WENY) -- A family in Bath is picking up the pieces after a devastating fire raged through their home on Sunday, July 7th.  When the 607 Kids heard about the situation, they immediately jumped into help and gather supplies for the kids and family.

"It's just being nice to people.  Treat people the way you want to be treated," said Reagan, a 607 Kid.

The 607 Kids is a group of children who help clean up the community around Bath, New York.  In memory of their late father Justin Seager, their goal is to spread kindness in the community and be superheroes.  Organizers say, it was an easy decision to help out a family in need.

"It reminded us of when they lost their dad, and the community came together and bought them memory blankets and bought them things to distract them from what was going on," said Baili Haight, from 607 Kids.  "These kids lost a big part of their lives and I could tell that the kids remembered what people did for them, so they were so excited to do it for other kids."

Amanda Simpson and her fiance have three children.  They were out of town when the got the call that their home was on fire, a home that has been in their family for decades.  They are currently staying with family, but are in need of basic supplies like clothes.  The 607 kids have collected clothes and toys for the kids, and are still in the process of gathering more supplies.

"We got them a whole tote of clothes and we got them like a lot of coloring stuff so they can play with," said Guinevere, a 607 Kid.

Amanda and her family are trying to pick up the pieces after losing everything, including their pets.  She says she is grateful for the community support, from both the 607 Kids and the greater community.

"My family can't thank them enough for everything that they did for us. Everything that they donated was immaculate, in great shape. They had it very well organized and I really I can't wait to have it shown to my girls. They're going to be very excited and we appreciate it very much," said Amanda Simpson.

The 607 Kids are still collecting clothes and toys, and can be found here.  The direct contact for the Simpson Family is Amanda's sister Anna, and she has arranged a drop off location for supplies and donations at 5539 Nipher Road in Bath, and her number for donations is 607-794-3308.