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Elmira School Leaders Increase Tax Levy

ECSD Vote to Increase Tax Levy

ECSD Leaders Increase Tax Levy

ELMIRA (WENY) -- Through consolidation plans, teacher reductions and other cuts, Elmira City School leaders have closed the $10.2 million budget gap. Now that the budget is balanced, the next task is reducing those cuts as much as possible.

Wednesday night the Board of Education voted 6 to 3 to increase the property tax levy to 5 percent, raising the district's budget to roughly $114.6 million dollars. That's beyond the allowed cap of 2.6 percent, meaning the public must approve it in a referendum with a 60%-plus-one majority.

The tax increase would amount to $55 more a year for homes with a $50,000 assessed property value.

If the public sides with the Board, it will give district leaders the flexibility to reduce the amount of teacher layoffs and program cuts. If the public rejects the tax increase, the district will be laying off roughly 126 teacher positions in the current budget.