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West Gray Street Property Restoration

Gray Street Restored Home Sold
 ELMIRA (WENY)-- A troubled Elmira neighborhood is getting a face-lift from the city in the hopes of improving safety.

In the past month, police got 500 9-11 calls to the 300 block of West Gray Street.

The city hopes restoring the houses will relieve crowding in homes, improve safety and beautify the area.

Mayor Sue Skidmore says the city succeeded with it's first restoration at 370 West Gray St.- it sold for the asking price of $80,000 dollars.

Work is beginning on another house across the street.

Mayor Sue Skidmore say, “It's exciting. This is the first and it won't be the last.. That's one of my favorite phrases cause we aren't just going to do one and walk away if it's successful, we are going to keep going.”

The city is using federal and city money to restore historic homes back to city standards.