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Car Thefts in Chemung County

There's been enough car break-ins this week in Erin and Horseheads to grab the attention of both neighbors and police.

Car Thefts in Erin

ERIN (WENY) -- Early Wednesday morning, neighbors were woken up by state troopers who were checking out cars in people's driveways on Shamrock Drive. Over 10 vehicles were broken into on the street -- usually a quiet place where things are for the most part, left unlocked.

The thieves went through glove compartments, stealing GPS systems, iPods, iPads and cash. One neighbor's car window was even smashed open with a brick. Her purse was taken, which had her driver's license and all of her credit cards.

Shannon McInerney says her van was broken into, but nothing was taken. "I heard my husband at 5:30 in the morning talking to somebody who doesn't usually talk to anyone in the neighborhood at that hour," said McInerney. "So, when I got up to find out what was going on, he told me the state police were up in our neighborhood this morning checking with residents to see if their cars had been broken into or if there's something abnormal in the area."

"Actually, we came out Wednesday morning, and we noticed the cars had been gone through," added neighbor Robert Costley. "They took a couple [of things], my GPS and some cash out of my wife's van."

The Chemung County Sheriff's Department confirms that they are working with the state police to investigate the recent larcenies, and so far, no suspects have been identified.