Behind the Scenes of a Fireworks Show

Behind the Scenes of July Fourth Fireworks
CORNING (WENY) -- On a hot night in Corning, hundreds, maybe thousands, grabbed their lawn chairs or a spot on the grass to watch the city's Fourth of July Fireworks show.

The show took place right over Corning East High School, lasting about 15 minutes.

Earlier in the day, WENY-TV cameras got a special peek into what made the show possible.

Glen Hurd, his daughter Heidi, and the rest of the team from Young Explosives in Rochester started setting up next to the Chemung River around 3:00pm.

The team assembled rack after rack of mortors, loaded them with the firework shells, then wired the fuses together.

Glen -- the show's shooter leader -- said putting on a shorter, fast-paced show was the goal.