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Boaters Welcome Warm Temps

Boaters Welcome Warm Temps

May 28, 2012

          MONTOUR FALLS (WENY) --  Monday's very warm temperatures had some running for the air conditioning, and others, running to the lake.  Visitors at the Montour Falls Marina were not complaining about the weather.

         Many of them said it was the perfect day to get out on the boat or jet ski, or just sit outside.  Monday's highs reached 92 in Elmira, but in many areas it felt even warmer than that.  Boaters say they hope it's the start to a very hot summer.

         "We spent a good part of the day in the trailer and then we came out to the boat to enjoy it and play some cards and have some friends over and just relax," says Sean Cummings, a new boat owner.  "A neighbor behind us had a pool so we actually got in that," says his wife Alicia.  "I'm originally from Texas so it's a lot hotter down there."