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Consumer Confidence Down

Consumer confidence is down for the second month in a row.

Consumer Confidence Down

May 29, 2012

          SOUTHERN TIER (WENY) --  Consumer confidence is on the decline nationwide.  But locally, some shoppers say some things like dropping gas prices are helping boost their economic outlook.

         According to the Conference Board analysis group, consumer confidence index has dropped by about 4 percent from last month.  Studies show buyers are less positive about the economy, but more optimistic about their incomes, which could help sustain spending.

         Local shoppers say they have some hesitation about spending right now, but also see some bright spots in the economic future.

         "I think more people are spending more, they're traveling more," says Milton Vonhagn.  "I think in general, the economy is getting better."

         "[For my household] It's probably gotten more stringent for us in the past couple of years, I wouldn't say we're out there spending a ton of money," says Jannica Moskal.

          In addition to spending, consumers are pessimistic about the job market, with more people believing jobs are harder to get and to find.