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Coolest Small Town Road Trip

People in Hammondsport are still celebrating their title as the Budget Travel’s "Coolest town in America"

Coolest Road Trip

June 18, 2012

Hammondsport (WENY) - People in Hammondsport are still celebrating their
title as the Budget Travel's "Coolest town in America." The Steuben County
conference and Visitors Bureau worked with other "cool" towns on the east
coast to put together the coolest road trip in America. Journalist Will
McGough will get to drive around in a decked-out car, and experience four of
budget travel's coolest small towns in a little over a week.

"It's the coolest small town."

Ask someone who lives in Hammondsport where else they'd rather be, and most
likely they'd say no where.

"A great area, a lot of recreation, tremendous people, beautiful country
side, great people and just great place to be," says Hammondsport neighbor
Dennis Caralson.

Now the coolest small town road trip will show the world cool things to do
in Hammondsport and three other small towns in North Carolina, Virginia, and
New Jersey. Will Mcgough, a journalist and author of the blog "Wake and
Wander", started his 12 day, four town trip along the east coast here.

"Everything I do in all four towns which is important is anything local
people can do too its not just me a journalist getting the red carpet. These
are day activities that anyone can do and that's whats really special about
the whole trip."

Ather cool thing about this cool car is the QR code on the back bumper here.
Just take a smart phone and snap a picture and it will take you right to
will's website, where you can follow him along his journey.

"If you want to tweet and use social media its #cooltrip and kind of get a
conversation going. It's about showing that there are awesome things to do
in these small towns that people may or may not realize," says McGough.

Hammondsport's new title of "coolest small town" will help boost tourism in
the the town, and throughout the region says Brett Steeves from the
Hammondsport Chamber of Commerce.

"We're all supporting each other in the effort and it doesn't much matter
which town got the title it's the fact that coming to this region is the
coolest thing you can do with your vacation dollar."

The road trip ends back in Hammondsport next Friday. The car will also ride
in a parade, during the coolest small town celebration.

Will's Bog:  www.wakeandwander.com