Corning Bridge Project Moves forward

Bridge Resolution Fails

May 24, 2012

          CORNING (WENY) --  Corning leaders voted down the measure 6 to 3 that would have delayed construction on the Route 352 Patterson bridge.

          Some city leaders wanted to postpone the bridge replacement project, so a parallel bridge could be built alongside it to take the diverted traffic.  That parallel bridge would have cost the State Department of Transportation another one point five million dollars, and resolution opponents weren't sure they could get that money.

          About 20,000 cars use the bridge everyday, and once construction starts, about 3,000 of them will travel through residential areas.  Councilman Frank Coccho is worried that extra traffic could damage city roads and cost local taxpayers more money, but resolution opponents say they're ready to move forward.

          "I made that resolution with the concern and thought of the citizens of Corning," said Coccho, the sponsor of the resolution. " And certainly that detoured route comes through my ward as well, and they're my first and foremost concern, the safety of the people."

          "To say that it will cost a million and a half dollars to fix the road that will compensate for the cost of the parallel bridge, I think is a poor statement," said Mayor Negri in response to concerns about future road repairs.

          The bridge project will cost about 30 million dollars, and should be completed by 2014.