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Corning Home Explosion Assessment

Corning Home Explosion Assessment
Corning (WENY) -- The Corning Fire Department met tonight to assess their performance responding to the home explosion earlier this month.

Everything is getting back to normal on Wilson Street in Corning, according to Fire Chief John Tighe, but there's still a lot to discuss in the fire house.

Tighe said when a disaster of that magnitude takes place, there's a always a chance that things could have gone a lot worse. Even though nobody died, the purpose of tonight's meeting was to get fire fighter's opinions on the matter to see what could have been handled differently. Tighe said there were a few hiccups to discuss, but he could not disclose the details.

"I think it went extremely well," said Tighe. "Right from the start of it -- when people in the neighborhood jumped in the holes to get these people out. Our people got there. Police officers got there. Got them to safety. Got them to the ambulance. They're alive. That's the important factor."

Chief Tighe said the younger victim, Paul, will be released from the hospital tomorrow, but the grandfather, Robert, is still in serious condition.

As far as site cleanup goes, the fire department will remove the remaining debris next week and demolish the house next door.