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Crackdown on Speeding in Zones

Crackdown on Speeding in Work Zones

SOUTHERN TIER (WENY) --  Police plan to crack down on speeders in construction zones next week as part of a statewide campaign.  'Operation Work Brake', is a five-day enforcement campaign to encourage drivers to slow down in work zones.

Distracted, careless and speedy drivers are a safety risk to highway workers and other drivers in construction zones.  Summer months usually are the height of construction season, so local troopers say extra enforcement is needed.

"When you come into work zones there are lane shifts, lane closures," says Paul Campbell, a New York State trooper. "And obviously there are a lot of people in those construction zones that you need to watch out for."

Drivers caught speeding in work zones face double fines, and twice as many points on their license.  They could also get up to 30 days in jail.