Stricter Penalties for Bath Salts Sales

Written By: Renata Stiehl
Cuomo Talks Bath Salts Penalties

       BUFFALO (WENY) -- More crackdowns on synthetic drugs in New York... new rules are targeting stores that sell bath salts. The new rules will make it harder for shops selling the dangerous substances to skirt the law, and sellers could face jail time.
      Governor Andrew Cuomo announced new regulations today, expanding the state list of prohibited drugs and chemicals, and outlining criminal penalties. The announcement comes two weeks after federal raids at dozens of shops in New York suspected of selling bath salts, including a shop here in Elmira. The shops are accused of selling packages of bath salts with false labels describing them as something else entirely.
     Now, store owners and employees face criminal fines up to $500 and 15 days in jail.
     The drugs' hallucinogenic effects have serious health consequences, and a lot of users turn violent.
     "In some ways, it's more dangerous, and it's more insidious. Because this wasn't sold in a back alley, this wasn't sold on a street corner. This isn't sold in the shadows. This is sold in broad daylight, over the counter, in stores all across this state and all across this nation," explained Governor Cuomo at a press conference in Buffalo Tuesday afternoon.
      A federal law enacted in July, bans more than two dozen chemical used to make bath salts, but manufacturers keep coming up with new formulas.