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Doug Hubbard’s Remains Found

Doug Hubbard

Catlin (WENY) -- Last night, Robert Storms led investigators to the spot where he buried Doug Hubbards body near a hay field and hedgerow in Catlin. As We reported yesterday, that was part of Storms' plea deal with the District Attorney.

Investigators, road patrol and dogs searched the area near the intersection of Hibbard and Post Creek Road and found remnants of a plastic shower curtain, which Storms admitted to wrapping Hubbard's body in.

The State Police Forensic Unit and Chemung County Medical Examiners Office were back on the scene this morning and found more evidence, including human bones.

"Some of it was covered up, but after three years of weather and conditions, I think it's difficult to say what it was," said Elmira Police Captain Joseph Kain. "Again, during the plea agreement in court, he stated he placed the body down, and the ground was too hard, too deep, so there wasn't much coverage on it."

The remains are being sent to the Monroe County Medical Examiners Office for official processing and identification. Police say, the evidence from the scene and Storms' admissions make them confident the remains are indeed those of Doug Hubbard.