Farm Bill Expires

Farm Bill Expires

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WENY)---A law giving federal aid to farmers and ranchers has expired and Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer is warning there will be consequences.

The Democratic-run Senate passed a $969-billion new farm bill in June through a rare bipartisan vote. But Republican leaders in the House of Representatives announced earlier this month they would not take action on a new farm bill until after the November elections.

Locally, the farm bill has been a hot topic between Congressman Tom Reed and his opponent Nate Shinagawa. Reed says they were working on it but the bill was stalled.

"Within in a few short weeks and months the price this commodity will double, cheese will double, it will cost middle class families and all families a fortune, and it will hurt our economy rather significantly," says Schumer.

A public policy deputy at the American Farm Bureau Federation says federal support for farmers and ranchers won't be affected until next year.