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FEMA Funding for Wellsburg Fire Station

Wellsburg Fire Department

WELLSBURG (WENY) -- After initial evaluations fell short to qualify for relief money, FEMA leaders have approved funding to help rebuild the Wellsburg fire station away from the flood plain.

Senator Schumer has been an important part of securing the federal funding, because until now, FEMA has delayed efforts to move the fire house that was once six feet under water.

Because of its location, the property has flooded six times, making it difficult for firefighters to do their job and protect their community.

Neighbors say, they're surprised this wasn't done a long time ago.

"They have a very important role cuz they're protecting everyone in Wellsburg and the surrounding areas," said  Wellsburg resident Larry Goodwin. "I think they should have got their [funding] first."

"I think it's a wonderful thing they're getting it," said Rose McCartney, who works at Wellsburg Diner. "They should of gotten it sooner so it could be underway. They do a lot for the community, and they need to be in a safer area."

"It's critical so people are in emergency situations, that they can be up and running with equipment," said Julie Bennett, also from Wellsburg Diner.

As of Monday, there's no exact location set for the rebuilding of the station, but Schumer says it's definitely going to be outside of the flood plain.

Wellsburg Mayor, Malcolm Coles declined to be interviewed because he hasn't receive official word from FEMA.