Fireworks Safety for July the Fourth

Fireworks Safety

June 28, 2012

         TWIN TIERS (WENY) --  The July fourth holiday is just around the corner, and New York state authorities are reminding residents that all fireworks are illegal in the Empire State.  One of the main reasons they're outlawed is because of the safety risks.

         According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the majority of firework injuries occurred in the 30 days surrounding July fourth in 2011.  Local officers say the best thing you can do if you want to see fireworks is go to a professional show in your community.

         "Fireworks are dangerous items," says Captain Douglas Houper with the Chemung County Sheriff's Department. "People lose fingers, eyes and everything else by them. They do cause property damage and they're for the professionals to shoot off."

         "Unfortunately when they're not done by professionals or people who regulate them and are familiar with how they work, they can be dangerous and sometimes deadly," says Sergaent Michael McDarby with New York State Police.

         Chemung County Sheriff officers say any New Yorker caught with fireworks could face citation, arrest, fines or possible jail time