First Friday Elmira Promotes Local Shopping

First Friday Elmira

June 1, 2012

          ELMIRA (WENY) --  Some downtown Elmira businesses got a boost with First Friday Elmira on the first Friday of June.  First Friday Elmira participants are encouraged to visit the featured businesses of the month.  Some of June's businesses included Cappy's, Main Street Cafe, and Horrigan's.

         The mission is to join small business owners, encourage local shopping, and showcase area artists and musicians.  Local store owners say events like this are great because it brings more people into their businesses.

         "It's great because with the publicity that we get from First Fridays and the press releases and advertisements, it draws them in," says Kalen Knox, owner of Main Street Cafe. "So for the people that follow these kind of events, it lets them see that we're here in town and exposes them to our menu."

         "It promotes downtown and it encourages people to come out and support local businesses, which we all need to do more of," says Amani Valsic, owner of Cappy's which was also celebrating its one year anniversary.