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Fracking Dispute in the Town of Van Etten

Fracking in Van Etten

VAN ETTEN (WENY) --  Van Etten neighbors are split over a recently passed pro-drilling resolution.  Town board members passed a measure in May that supports hydro-fracking operations within the municipality.

Fracking opponents say they weren't given enough notification abut the resolution, and would like to see a public referendum.  But so far town leaders haven't taken any action to reverse their decision.

Fracking supporters on the other hand say this is a move in the right direction.

"You know we've done studies, we've got the regulations in place," says Ashur Terwilliger with the Chemung County Natural Gas Coalition. "The state has taken a long time to do it, we think we're ready."

"You are selling the future out from under our children," says Autumn Stoscheck, a Van Etten resident referring the people who support hydro-fracking in her hometown. "You don't care about this community, this town, and the people that live here."

Van Etten is one of hundreds of communities across New York state passing pro-drilling measures or drilling bans and moratoriums.  Fracking is on hold in the state, until the Department of Environmental Conservation completes its environmental review of the techique, which Governor Cuomo says should be completed later this summer.