NY Vineyards to Benefit from GRAPE Act


     WATKINS GLEN, NY (WENY) -- Finger Lakes winemakers are celebrating an amendment to of a federal law will make it easier, and faster to get their grapes to other parts of the state and country.
     Congressman Tom Reed wrote the amendment and came to Atwood Estate Vineyards today to announce it's now in effect. The new provision in the GRAPE Act, which stands for for Grape Region Accelerated Production and Efficiency, provides raises the federal limited on daily trucking limits from 100 miles to 150 miles.
      Congressman Reed says he pushed for the ammendment because grapes are perishable, and getting them from point A to B as fast as possible is critical.
"To get the grapes from the vine, to the processors and to the producers to make sure that they are delivered in the most effective and efficient way," explained Reed.
     Grapes from the Finger Lakes are often transported downstate and along Lake Erie for processing.