AHCA Presidential Race Implications

People are split about the Supreme Court’s decision. Most feel it will be good for the country. Others think it could cause more problems.

Twin Tiers Neighbors React to AHCA

June 28, 2012

Twin Tiers (WENY) - People are split about the Supreme Court's decision. Most feel it will be good for the country. Others think it could cause more problems. Anita Norton From Orlando Florida feels that way.

“Forcing I don't like being forced to do anything, I like to make my own decisions. It would be nice to be able to have more input into it.”

Michael Ballok from Pine city sees both sides here.

“At least there’s insurance that will cover you or people that need it and that is what I though Obamacare was all about. If it gets to a point where they force people to buy it then I am not in agreement with that.”

News about the supreme court's decision to uphold the main piece of legislation in the affordable health act traveled fast. People on the street have mixed feelings, and are mostly uncertain about the law. Elmira college Political Science professor Dr. Jim Twombly says there could be changes to the law before it goes into affect in 2014, But for insured Americans there are no big changes.

“This doesn’t increase the tax burden on anyone who currently has health insurance. It's only those people who don't have insurance, that can afford it, and chose not to that are going to be taxed if they don’t get insurance by 2014,” says Twombly.

But before then, today's decision could have a big impact on the upcoming Presidential election.

“This looks like it has helped the Obama campaign at least in the short run. They can run on a program that the republicans can no longer attack as unconstitutional that portion has been decided they can only debate weather its good or bad policy. And there’s a lot that in the affordable health care act that the American people like,”

Twombly says he believes in order to make changes to the law, there has to be a republican majority in both houses.

AHCA Presidential Race Implications