Helping Hands Clean Storm Debris

Helping Hands Clean Debris
ELMIRA (WENY)--- Winnie Wattz says Brand Park isn't the same as it was just a few days ago.

"We looked across the street at Brand Park and we thought, oh, it looks like a war zone."

The park is just one of many areas hit hard by the severe weather on Thursday. Hundreds of trees and wires are down and many workers, including Elmira Building & Grounds Worker, Stephen Clark, are hauling debris 'round-the-clock.

"What we are doing right now is getting everything in the park out, getting everything to the streets, getting everything out clear for safety for the public," said Clark.

Mike Smith from the Emergency Management Department says you shouldn't leave trees and debris in the streets or sidewalks, but rather, in your front yard.

"Brush, woody debris, those kind of things can be moved out to the front of the residence. The municipalities will be picking up this brush at some point."

And municipality workers aren't the only ones cleaning up.

Julie Delgrosso owns the Christmas House and the building suffered severe damage. But, Delgrosso is thankful for friends and family.

"People come out in bad times. They come out and help you and pitch in. This young gal here, she was riding her bike and she says she has a half hour to haul debris out."

15-year-old Christine Semidt says neighbors helped clean debris at her own house and now she wants to pass on the favor.

"It's very touching I guess for people to come over and see if everybody was alright, so I guess I just wanted to share that, " said Semidt.