Stabbing & Robbery In Ithaca's "Jungle"

Victim Stabbed While Sleeping In Ithaca's Homeless Encampment

Stabbing & Robbery In Ithaca

ITHACA, NY (WENY)---Police say a 57-year old man was stabbed while sleeping and robbed early Friday morning.

It happened in the area commonly known as "The Jungle." That's a homeless encampment behind the Wegman's near Cecil Malone Drive and Route 13 in Ithaca.

Police say the man was in his tent when he was suddenly attacked without cause. A struggle then ensued where the suspect or suspects stabbed the victim multiple times with a sharp object then stole his ATM card and fled the scene.

No suspect description was provided or able to be obtained. The unnamed victim was transported to a Syracuse-area hospital.

He's currently in guarded but stable condition.