Lifeguards Save Drowning Girl

Today the life guards who saved a little girl’s life were happy to hear she’s is doing fine

Lifeguards Save Drowning Girl

July 24, 2012

Horseheads (WENY) - Today the life guards who saved a little girl's life were happy to hear she's is doing fine. Dylan George and Megan Byers have been working together as life guards for 4 years, training to deal with emergencies like the one they faced yesterday. Dylan noticed a young girl face down in the middle of the pool, he blew his whistle and signaled Megan for help. Once the girl was out of the pool Dylan noticed she had no pulse and wasn't breathing. Dylan and Megan gave the unresponsive girl CPR until she started breathing again.

     “It was literally something out of my worst nightmares, says Dylan.

     “I mean we're trained for it and we're prepared for it and when you prepare for the worst the worst doesn't usually happen and yesterday it did and we reacted,” says Megan.

     Megan says she got word the little girl is doing just fine and thanks the rest of the life guard staff for calling 911and helping.