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DEC Releases LPG Storage Study

The risk analysis of the Liquid Propane Gas facility on the shores of Seneca lake is in

LPG Storage Study In

May 14, 2012

Town of Reading (WENY) - The risk analysis of the Liquid Propane Gas facility on the shores of Seneca lake is in, but opponents of the proposed gas storage facility say the study doesn't take all the risks into account. The Department of Environmental conservation released a private risk assessment of the proposed LPG storage facility in the old Salt caverns next to Seneca Lake. The company building the facility initially fought the full review but later reversed its position. The study found most of the areas near the storage facility would be exposed to very low risk, but opponents are still skeptical. The risk analysis was prepared by Quest Consultants for the company that wants to build the storage tanks, Inergy-Midstream. Quest looked at the risk for the area around the facility and dangers of transporting and storing the gas. It also took into account accident frequency at similar facilities. Hazards in the study include exposure to a flash fire, and exposure and explosion. These risks are highest within 15 hundred feet of the facilities. The study found that outside the facility's boundaries, the chances of being killed are less that one in 10,000. Jeff Marx an engineer involved in the study says,“It's a very typical operation its not one that is new to Inergy so we don't expect this to be a high risk facility.”

Joe Campbell representing Gas Free Seneca says the effects are not just about the facility.

“It doesn't look at quality of life issues at all it doesn't look at economic issues it doesn't look at any of that so we think the study is flawed from the beginning and because we didn't have an input on who did the study the results have to be called into question.”

An Inergy spokeswoman says the company is ready to move forward as soon as the DEC approves the plan.