Manslaughter Plea In Town of Dix Murder

Manslaughter Plea
Schuyler County (WENY) -- A Corning man involved in a murder in the Town of Dix last April, pleads guilty to manslaughter for his role in the shooting.  Twenty-five-year-old Nathan Hand now faces 19 years in prison and agrees to cooperate in the proceedings against Alice Trappler, the alleged mastermind of the murder of Daniel Bennett. Authorities say Hand, his stepbrother Thomas Borden and Borden's ex-wife murdered Bennett in his home last April. Borden committed suicide by jumping in front of a train while fleeing police a few days later, and Trapper remains in jail, charged with second degree murder.


Today, Hand admitted his actions in the plot to kill the father of Trappler's baby. At his plea hearing, Hand testified he and Borden waited for a call from Trappler before entering Bennett's home in the Town of Dix. Hand said his role was turning on the light for Borden, who had the gun and shot Bennett while he slept. In a plea deal, Hand's second degree murder charge was lessened to manslaughter, and he agreed to cooperate with prosecutors at Trappler's trial next year.

"He physically participated in the homicide, but he's getting a lesser sentence than what was available," said Schuyler County District Attorney Joseph Fazzary. "But we talked about it with the family, and they understand that we would really like to have his cooperation at the time of the trial against Alice Trappler."

In the deal, Hand also waived his right to appeal, and his official sentencing is expected in April, after Trappler's trial.