Murder Investigation in Elmira

The early morning discovery of a dead body leaves the family of an Elmira man with lots of questions.

Elmira Murder Investigation

July 5, 2012

Elmira (WENY) - The early morning discovery of a dead body leaves the family of an Elmira man with lots of questions. Neighbors thought they were hearing fourth of July fireworks, but it turned out to be deadly gunfire. Family members have told us the victim is 19 year old Randy Brooks of Elmira, however investigators have not confirmed this. Police got a call just after seven o’clock this morning saying there was an man lying in the front yard of the first building at the Eastgate Apartments in Elmira. Char Mogole, Cousin to the man they call Beetie says, the last thing he said to them"see ya later".

      “I didn't believe it, I thought it was a dream until i looked at my phone and saw that my cousin really told me that that’s what happened,” says .

     Family and Neighbors were obviously distraught after finding out 19 year old Randy Brooks was shot on their street.

     “We heard a big boom boom that we thought was firecrackers going off,” says one neighbor.

     An easy mistake to make in the early morning hours following the fourth of July, but this morning, when Elliott Beardsley woke up, his neighbors told him to look out the window.

     “I walked around the corner and that’s where I saw the body laying on the ground.”

     Char Mogole took some grass from the spot where the body was found. Something to remember the man they call Beetie.

     “It's just sad that this had to happen and my heart is still aching since I first found out and I just cant stop crying because its so sad,” says Mogole “He will always be missed and to his mom and them, we know what you guys are going through we feel your pain,”

     Police spent the morning questioning neighbors and searching the ground with metal detectors. District Attorney Weeden Wetmore was also on scene. Around 11 o’clock an ambulance left with the body. For now, the people who live here are waiting for answers, and hoping to feel safe again.

     “It's just scary that you can't let your kids outside to play around because you have to worry about lunatics going around doing crazy stuff,” says Mogole.

      Investigators have identified the man but are not releasing his name. We will bring you more details as soon as they become available.