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No Vote On Hochreiter Contract Amendment

No Vote On Hochreiter Contract Amendment
Elmira (WENY) -- The Elmira School Board cancelled their discussion of a pay raise for District Superintendent Joe Hochreiter at tonight's board meeting.

Board of Education President Sara Lattin says discussions to re-work Hochreiter's contract was removed from the agenda without future consideration.

Hochreiter makes more than $147,000. Following back-to-back years of program cuts and teacher layoffs, the board has considered a potential pay increase. For the past two years, Hochreiter volunteered to freeze his salary, instead of accepting a raise, but those terms ended on June 30th.

"There's really no comment," said Hochreiter. "I can't vote on it. They do. They put an offer together, put it on two board agendas and took it off."

"It's an emotional decision when you come to the public and the community, rightfully so," said Lattin. "It's a decision that was made on its merit. It was a decision that this contract amendment by the majority just could not be considered at this time."

Lattin said she couldn't predict the discussions of future board meetings, but this particular contract amendment will not be brought up again.