New Equipment Could Save Pets Lives


New Equipment Could Save Pets Lives

May 9, 2012

Elmira (WENY) - When there's a fire, EMS first responders step up to help people survive, but as we've seen too often lately, it's not only people who need help. At EMSTAR in Elmira they teach CPR to save humans. Now they're teaching responders how to save our furry friends too. Vanessa Jewitt has been a first responder for the Breesport fire department for more than 15 years.

“I've had to carry out way to many dead pets simply because they hide when a fire happens so they get smoke inhalation and they end up dying from smoke inhalation if we can get to them quick enough we know we can make a difference with the oxygen.”

After saving a dog a few months ago she wanted to do more.

“We were using people masks to use on pets I knew there was an alternative I just had to find it and I did I found with Pets America they made it available.”

Vanessa got a kit for each fire department in Chemung County and in each kit are three different size masks for different sized dogs but these masks are important because unlike human masks they fit over the snout of the dog.

Robert Rajsky the Executive director for EMSTAR is happy to add the whole family to their list of classes.

“We teach adults we teach children and infant CPR and now adding the pet CPR is a full complement of courses.”

“I think this is going to a great thing for ems providers being able to help pets too,” says Vanessa.

To learn about pet CPR classes at EMSTAR, call 732-2354.