Ron Paul Makes Campaign Stop in Ithaca

Written By: Renata Stiehl
Ron Paul Visits Ithaca

Ithaca (WENY) - Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul isn't done yet, and he expects to do better in New york than polls project.

His supporters came from across the state to meet the Republican presidential candidate in Ithaca. Cornell University invited the long-shot candidate to speak on campus tonight. He had lunch with some of his supporters today. Polls show Paul is outside striking distance of republican frontrunner Mitt Romney. Ron Paul says his crowds are actually growing as the race goes on, so quitting is not an option. The 77 year old Libetarian-leaning Republican says support is coming from an unlikely source - young people.

“It seems like they are very open minded and very receptive to the idea of individual liberty and individual responsibility," says Paul, “you might say why didn't you do this 10, 15, 20 years ago, well the country wasn't so poor and that’s the one thing young people have learned is the country is poor now the treasury is bare and they are bearing the burden of the debt.”

There was no shortage of young supporters at today's fundraiser. Some even brought their parents. Adam Reinhardt drove from Houghton, New York to meet Ron Paul.

“I think that social libertarianism is a big aspect young people especially they want the government off their back with things they do with their personal lives, and foreign policy is a big issue to a lot of young people we want to see peace we're tired of war," he said.

Paul says his supporters are shifting.

“Recently our crowds are starting to change a little bit it always used to be the 18- 24 year olds but no the older voters are coming out because their bringing their parents and grand parents out so that pleases us a little," Paul said.