Storms Damage Steuben County

Storm Damage in Steuben Co.

STEUBEN CO. (WENY) --  Shelly Root's house on Steuben Street in Addison sustained thousands of dollars worth of damage.  Strong winds took down a tree in her front yard, crashing it right onto the roof of her house.  Despite the financial setback, she's staying positive.

"I can deal with the damage but the fact that everybody helped and nobody got hurt was a huge, huge thing," says Root.

Workers and residents in Addison, Erwin and Lindley were up late last night and into the morning getting roads, sidewalks and houses cleared off.  In Lindley, an EF-1 tornado left a visible path on Ryers Creek Road.  Back in Addison, village mayor Raymond Walch says the cooperation of neighbors has been tremendous, not to mention his Department of Public Works.

"Cleanup effort has been really, really good here in the village," says Walch.  "Really I've got the best DPW crew around."

Bob Benz in Lindley considers himself lucky when surveying his damage.  Strong winds brought a tree onto his front porch, damaging the porch roof.  He estimates it'll cost more than $2,500 dollars for tree removal and repairs.

"Fortunately the branch missed most of the house, there's some damage on the roof but, it could have been worse," says Benz.

For a little more than 2,000 county residents, Friday night means another night without power and a weekend full of work.  But it helps that everyone is pulling together, to clear storm damage and support the neighbors who need it.

"We had damage here, but compared to [Elmira] we're real lucky," says Mayor Walch. "We'll pick up the mess and we'll move on."