Vets Group Receives $78K From Tioga Downs

Vets Group Receives $78K From Tioga Downs

Nichols (WENY) -- The Southern Tier Veterans Support Group received a significant donation that will help local vets and their families.

Tioga Downs Casino owner Jeff Gural presented a check for $78,400 to the Southern Tier Veterans Support group. The donation included all ticket sales proceeds from the August 10th Oak Ridge Boys concert. Gural personally donated an additional $10 for each ticket, making it a total of $20 for every ticket sold. The mission of the Veterans Support Group is to provide a network of resources for local veterans, service members and their families.

"We are really humbled by the fact that Tioga Downs and Jeff Gural have given this gift to us, this donation," said Ben Margolius, vice president of Southern Tier Veterans Support Group. "This is the second year that they've done this, and it's going to be a significant impact on this organization."

"These are the people who are keeping our country safe, and I have the utmost respect," said Gural. "It was my way of giving back."

The support group will use this donation to help those vets who are struggling financially.