Schumer: Cruise Ship ’Bill of Rights’

Schumer: Cruise Ship ’Bill of Rights’

(WENY)--- New York Senator Charles Schumer wants the cruise ship industry to adopt a so-called "bill of rights" for passengers aboard its ships.  The plan would guarantee sanitary conditions, backup power and medical staff in case of emergencies.

Schumer's suggestion comes as Carnival Legend finally makes its way back to port in Tampa, Florida early Sunday. It's the latest in a series of Carnival cruise ship troubles, this time problems with a propulsion system kept the ship from completing its stops.

He outlined these six major points in a proposed "bill of rights" for cruise ship passengers:
1. Passengers on cruise ships be allowed to leave after a certain time if the impairment to the ship can't be repaired in a reasonable amount of time.

2. When serious medical or technical situations arise aboard the ship, passengers get full refunds.

3. Passengers should have access to well-trained medical personnel during an emergency and that there be an adequate number of medical personnel aboard to deal with the emergency.

4. Passengers have real time updates on what problem has occurred, how serious it is, and how long it will take to fix.

5. Passengers should have a crew well-trained to handle a number of emergencies, including evacuations from the cruise ship.

6. Every cruise ship should have a backup generator in case of a power failure.