FDA Issues Pet Snack Warning

Pet Jerky Warning

     WASHINGTON---(WENY) Thousands of pets across the country have gotten sick after eating a certain pet snacks. Hundreds of pets have died, and the Food and Drug Administration is putting out fact sheets for veterinarians and pet owners.
     The FDA's investigation is pointing towards Jerky Pet treats from China, but hasn't pin-pointed a particular brand. The agency is asking dog and cat owners to report any problems their pets may have after eating jerky treats.
     So far, the FDA's investigation linked the illnesses to 3,600 dogs and 10 cats since 2007. Roughly 580 of those pets have died.
     Despite over 1,200 tests run from the FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine and visits to pet treat manufacturing plants in China, the exact cause of the pet illness has still not been determined. Although, it has been linked to chicken, duck and sweet potato jerky snacks.
     Dr. Emily Duggan, a veterinarian at Broadway animal hospital says pet owners should keep an eye out for warning signs. Dr. Duggan says, "You're going to look for vomiting, diarrhea, if your pet's really tired, sluggish, not wanting to eat - you'd want to call your vet. Right now they don't know what treats specifically are causing it, but if your pet has any of these symptoms, call your vet or contact the FDA and save the treats in case they would want to test them."