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Reed Touts Local Ingenuity

Congressman invites Finger Lakes CC to DC to Show Off Manufacturing Program

Reed Touts Local Ingenuity

    Congressman Tom Reed says a Renaissance in American manufacturing will help put people back to work.  And this week, he invited a representative from a nearby community college to discuss the success of one of their programs that helps do that.

     Finger Lakes Community College is graduating its second class of students from the "Advanced Manufacturing Machinist Training Program."  FLCC partnered with a company in Clifton Springs called G.W. Lisk.  The students spend some time in the classroom, but they're mostly inside the factory - learning how to use the high-tech equipment. 

     Congressman Tom Reed invited Lynn Freid, FLCC's workforce development director, to testify before the House Manufacturing Caucus Thursday.  Freid believes these kind of public-private partnerships are a growing trend: "I think education and industry understand that technology is changing at such a rate today that education - even though that's what we do the best - we have to be kept up on all the trends in industry and who quickly it's shifting and changing.  And we do that best in these strong partnerships"she said.

     Congressman Reed says even though there are about 12-million Americans unemployed right now, there are 3.6 million job openings.  He thinks other institutions can learn from what's being done at FLCC and throughout the 23rd congressional district: "We're looking for solutions and we're very pragmatic in our outlook.  And to see something like that that we're able to bring to the manufacturing caucus, to embrace the manufacturing opportunities that are out there - it's really about empowering the next generation."

     The FLCC program has had a 100-percent success rate.  15 more students will be graduating soon - all of them with job offers. 

     For more information on F-L-C-C's Advanced Manufacturing Machinist Training Program, click here:  http://www.flcc.edu/pdce/ammt.cfm