Support Grows for Manufacturing Bill

Support Growing for Manufacturing Bill
     WASHINGTON D.C. (WENY) --  Many lawmakers believe sparking the manufacturing industry in America can create thousands of jobs and help the US economy. So one New York lawmaker has helped author a bill that would do just that. And it's getting support from the President, too.

     “It's about positioning ourselves in America for that U.S. manufacturing rebirth," said Congressman Tom Reed in a recent interview.  The New York representative isn't the only person who feels that way. President Obama made manufacturing rebirth one of the main priorities in his State of the Union Address this year.

    “It very much re-energized me, I'm a firm believer in U.S. manufacturing,” Reed comments.

     Reed helped author a bill called RAMI or “Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation Act”.  It's a bill that would train the work force, and put more effort and funding into manufacturers in America. So far in Congress, the bill has had a lot of positive support.

     “It shows me there is a path to the finish line. We're just educating our fellow members on it in the House, and working on the Senate. And just trying to do the grunt work of getting the legislation done.”

     But Reed says the success of the bill relies on one very important factor: the ability to produce workers that have the skill set to make it here and sell it here.

     Federal funds have already been set aside for this fiscal year to implement and maintain RAMI initiatives. Co-sponsors continue to gather support for the bill because they say it could mean the creation of tens of thousands of jobs in the very near future.

     RAMI has a companion bill in the Senate co-sponsored by Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown. That bill has bipartisan support, too.