ACSD Breaks Ground on New Project

ACSD Breaks Ground On New Project

ADDISON (WENY) -- The Addison Central School District hosted a ground breaking ceremony for their future facilities earlier today.
     Back in December of 2012, voters approved these additions in order to enhance the students learning experience. 
     Now construction will begin on the districts 22 million dollar improvement project.
     This enhancement project is Phase 2 of the district's development plan.
     These new facilities will advance the Math and Science curriculum, concentrating on engineering.
     Educating locally, thinking globally.The Addison Central School District is looking to the future.
     District leaders and students broke ground on a 22.9 million dollar capital improvement project, after 18 months of planning.
     "Right behind me, will be our two story STEM wing...And we're really looking at it be a state of the art, project based learning," said Joe Dioguardi, Addison Superintendent.
     The STEM wing will be apart of the two story middle school.
     In addition, there will be  improvements to the infrastructure of the athletic complex at Tuscarora Elementary school.
     Available to both students and the community.
     ACSD Superintendent Joe DioGuardi says today is an exciting one for the district but there were many challenges to get this project up and running.
     A green light from the DEC and FEMA was needed because of school is located in a flood zone.
     "It's rewarding when we get this point," said Dioguardi. "So all those challenges are like a distant memory because we certainly overcome them and we're at a happy place right now."
     DioGuardi says Phase 2 of the district's Capital project will inject life into learning.
     Upcoming students will receive pre engineering classes and advance Math and science courses.
     "There's going to be all new equipment and we're all used to like the old stuff and I think it'll just be helpful to get used to what we're used to. Not old stuff but new stuff," said Sully Harrington, 5th grader.
     The project will not create an additional financial burden on the annual budget or on local taxpayers.
     All projects are Expected to be completed at the beginning of the 2015 school year.