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Airport Corporate Park South Development

Written By: Kellie Meyer
Airport Corporate Park South Development

May 13, 2013

CHEMUNG COUNTY -- (WENY) Chemung County has been trying to develop this 220 acre spot off Interstate 86 at Exit 50 for years.The promise of state money got it off the ground. 
     "It's taken a while to get to the point where we finally know the funds are available and ready to go," said Mike Krusen, Deputy County Executive.
     Recently, the project was faced with a road block in getting a 1.6 million dollar loan from the state. That money is only available if the land has one owner. It was split between the IDA and the County. Monday night, county leaders took that roadblock down by transferring full ownership to the IDA.
     "The county purchased the land a long time ago and this will make it more viable to developers to come in if we bring the infrastructure in and actually get it into the right entity which is the the industrial development area," said Chemung County Legislature, David Manchester.
     The Budget Committee also held a special meeting to reduce the amount of land for the project. That saves Spier Park, and avoids FAA approval for land closer to the airport. But the airport manager is confident Elmira-Corning Regional will still benefit.
     Anne Crook, Director of Aviation at Elmira-Corning Regional Airport, said "it helps the airport grow and vise versa the airport helps these businesses grow so we work closely together and I think there's a lot of sinergies in this type of development."
     County leaders say this is a big step to bringing new business and more jobs to Chemung County.
     "Whether it be office buildings or light manufacturing or anything like that, that will bring those jobs back to the area, that's what we're hoping for," added Manchester.