Apartment Explosion in Alfred

Alfed Apartment Explosion

Thirty-five people, including some students at Alfred State, are now displaced after the Rose apartment complex blew up yesterday afternoon.

The explosion which happened about 5:10pm was caused by a natural gas leak.

Authorities are saying it was an accident, and believe it sparked in the building's utility room.

The blast sent 2 people to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and no-one was killed.

The Red Cross set up a temporary shelter at Alfred State University's Pioneer Lounge.

Investigators say it'll be a while before people who live there can go into the building to collect their things.

Jeff Luckey, Director for the Allegany Co. Emergency Management Agency says, "For those that are seeking shelter, feel free to call in. Right now, the people can't get in because of the structural instability of the building which we're evaluating. They're not able to get into the building right now, but we'll provide them with any assistance we can in getting their laptops and essentials."

Anyone seeking assistance can either call 585-268-9600 or The Alfred Police Department.