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Bergerís Ski Shop Closing

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Bergerís Ski Shop Closing

CORNING -- [WENY] Berger's Ski and Snowboard is set to close its doors for the last time next week. Local skiers and snowboarders are saying goodbye to a ski shop that has been in Corning for decades.
     The owner, James Sherrick, says it was a tough decision, but he knows it's what has to be done. Berger's Ski and Snow board shop will close on April 13th. Local shoppers are enjoying closing sales, but say the shop will be sorely missed.
     Sherrick says, "Well, it was a long hard decision for us. Unfortunately sales over the last couple of years have really been drooping with the lack of snow and tougher economy and we just got to the point where we had to make the decision."
     The store opened in 1993, and James Sherrick worked for the previous owners, before taking it over in 2005.
     It's become a landmark in Corning, a place where people can get their skis and snowboards mountain-ready.
     "I was sad to see it go, I stop in every year and browse and get ready for the season," says shopper Jonathan Finney.
     Right now items throughout the store are marked down up to 60% off, but as the store gets closer to closing prices are expected to go downhill. Shoppers are coming in to stock up for next season or even finish this season off strong with new gear.    
     "Well I gotta get a new helmet because I cracked mine this past year on a rail so it worked so it was good but I might get a jacket, I might get pants everything's like fifty percent off so I don't know I'm probably going to scarf a bunch of stuff that I don't need, but can't beat these prices," says Tim Hartnett, shopper.
     But it's not goodbye altogether. Berger's has another location in Binghamton.
     "I mean they can come down and see us down there we'll take care of them as good, if not better than we did here," says Sherrick. "That store is a little larger so it does have more selection umm but more importantly, get out and ski because the snow is still good."
     If you want to call Berger's in Binghamton for a product before you make the trip out there, you can reach them at 722-4661.