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Boat Ban Impacting Holiday Tourism

Boat Ban Impacting Holiday Weekend Tourism

HAMMONDSPORT (WENY) -- Run off and debris that came from Penn Yan and the surrounding area continues to have an impact on Keuka Lake.
     Typically around Memorial Day Weekend, Keuka Lake would be filled with boats buzzing, but things are a little bit quieter than usual because a motor boat ban is still in effect.
     For some local businesses, what they refer to as the kick off of Summer is looking a bit dreary.
     "We get quite a few people who bring their boats to the Inn," said Ron Leonard, owner Keuka Lakeside Inn. "We have docking available and a boat launch that's part of our Inn."
     Leonard says his rental property wasn't impacted, but his docks were submerged. The tops are now out of water, but he says there's still about 8 inches to go before the lake level is back to normal
     Leonard says some guests with boats have cancelled their reservations due to the motor ban still in effect.
     "Fortunately most of our guests are looking to do other things, so it hasn't been a large impact on us in particular," said Leonard. "But there are other businesses, such as the boat rental companies impacted."
     Like Keuka Watersports.
     "We had a lot of cancellations, several on the books actually," said Lance Locey, owner Keuka Watersports. "That's why our lot is overloaded right now. Usually we get these into the water, but we'll get through the weekend and see what June will bring us."
     Locey says last year's holiday weather brought about a similar situation., but that isn't dampening his spirits.
     "You have to understand, the safety of the homeowners and people driving the boats comes first," said Locey.
     Boaters like Paul Madore who says he's never seen water this high in his 10 years coming to Keuka Lake for the Summer. He picked up his boat, but won't be using it just yet.
     "Sunday we're going to come back and celebrate the weekend, and we plan on having friends come over and that kind of thing," said Madore.
     The Marine Patrol are monitoring Keuka lake. Violators will be charged with disorderly conduct. Meantime, a 5 mile per hour limit remains in effect on Seneca Lake in the Yates County area.