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Bullying Awareness

Bullying Awareness

     CANDOR, NY - [WENY]     On Thursday night, kids and parents came to the Candor High School to hear award winning singer and songwriter Jared Campbell's message of bullying and the importance of self value.
     Jared Campbell said, "A lot of my songs deal with different things that's kids are facing, like overcoming obstacles and bully prevention, and getting the kids to believe in themselves to accomplish the goals that they are setting."
     The event, which was put on by the Candor Youth Association wanted to put a spotlight on the growing problem with Jared's Music program called "The Blue Project", all in the hopes to literally strike a chord with the kids and their parents that bullying hurts.
     Jonathon Edwards, President of the Candor Youth Association talked about bullying, he said, "The fact is it's here, you know it's everywhere, the more you can let people know that it is there and it can't be ignored, the better off we are going to be."
     And with the message being sent to kids that could be getting bullied in school, the message applies to the ones that are bullying as well.
     Jared added, "For the ones are doing the bullying, they don't know how valuable they are either, and the reason why they bully other people is because they are trying to find that value from that action and so it's really about understanding their value, and the values in those around them."

     For more information on Jared Campbell's "The Blue Project", head on over to: http://www.jcblueproject.com/

     For more information on the Candor Youth Association, go to: www.facebook.com/CandorYouthAssociation