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C TRAN Gets New Buses

New Buses

      ELMIRA---(WENY) If you ride the bus in Chemung county, you may notice a smoother, quieter ride. C TRAN unveiled its new fleet of busses during a press conference Wednesday. The new 29-foot Gillig clean diesel buses are replacing buses that were put into service 2000.
      The new buses are said to be 90% cleaner and more fuel efficient. They feature new red, white, and silver C TRAN graphics.
      The buses also come equipped with a bicycle rack in the front of the bus and low floors in the front entrance to make it easier for riders with disabilities.    
     It cost $2.8 million to bring in the new fleet of seven. The Federal Transit Administration contributed 80% of the cost. The remaining 20% was split between the state and the county.
     C TRAN also accepted the completion of a new in-ground bus lift to allow for safer maintenance of the C TRAN fleet.