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Chemical Mystery in Ithaca

Written By: Nick Quattrini
Chemical Mystery Ithaca

ITHACA - [WENY]      An unknown chemical was dumped into the Ithaca area sewage system and public officials are trying to find out what it is and who did it.
     Plant officials suspect that the chemical was dumped on November 23rd or 24th into a manhole or building drain.
     Last Monday, Sewage workers discovered the contamination when they found damage in the plant's biological filtration system. The damage disrupted plant operations, which are expected to come back to normal levels next week. Ithaca's drinking water system was not affected.
     Ithaca Wastewater Treatment Plant's Chief Operator Dan Ramer said, "It had to be a strong concentrated material or a lot of something, which could be thousands and thousands of gallons."
     If you have any information on what the chemical was or the source, call the Ithaca Area Wastewater Treatment Facility at (607) 273-8381.